Give Your Customers an Amazing Experience They Won't Forget.

The customer is always right. So let them tell you excatly what they want. And reward them for it!

Customer Created Data Profiles

Ridgerunner customers can create their own data profile by listing their outdoor likes and interest. Stop wasting money asvertising to people who don't care about the outdoors or your particular item. Ridgerunner streamlines your marketing efforts, by ensuring your products are seen by the people who actually want them. With Ridgerunner's customer profiles, outdoor enthusiats list what types of outdoor activietes they enjoy or would like to learn more about. This is just one of the ways we position products to ensure that the customers see what they are most interested in first. Saving you money and them time.

Analytics on the Path to Purchase. Take Data-Driven Action Seamlessly.

Ridgerunner maps customers into the platform, where we can track their behavior, interests, and other brand affinities. We can then predict what other members are most likely to purchase that product (like a fly rod) and then advertise to them for you. The customer sees what they are most interested in - and most likley to purchase.

Network Effect and Community Driven Data.

Tap into more data. With over one million community data points we can help generate new customers based on their behavior and affinities. Take a look at the sample case study below for a better understanding on how Ridgerunner will help you deeply connect with your target demographic.

Loyalty Rewards

Ridgerunner customers recieve reward points on each purchase called Ridgerunner Racks. These points can be used across the entire platform, no matter who they buy from. Turn customers into loyal ambassadors by letting them rediem their points for newwer gear and leaverage our network to gain new fans by accepting Ridgerunner Racks. - Don't worry, Ridgerunner Racks are completly backed by - you guessed it - Ridgerunner. We will convert Ridgerunner Racks to cash and deposit it directly to your bank account. So no matter how your customer wants to buy, you get paid.