Give Your Customers an Amazing Experience They Won't Forget. 

The customer is always right. So let them tell you excatly what they want. And reward them for it!

Customer Created Data Profiles

At Ridgerunner, customers have the ability to craft personalized data profiles by detailing their outdoor preferences and interests. Bid farewell to squandered advertising funds targeting individuals indifferent to outdoor activities or your specific offerings. Ridgerunner revolutionizes your marketing strategy by ensuring that your products reach the eyes of those genuinely interested in them. Through Ridgerunner's customer profiles, outdoor enthusiasts specify their preferred outdoor activities or express a desire to explore new ones. This is just one of the strategies we employ to prioritize showcasing products aligned with customers' primary interests, ultimately saving you money and enhancing their shopping experience. 

Analytics on the Path to Purchase. Take Data-Driven Action Seamlessly.

Ridgerunner maps customers into its platform, allowing us to monitor their behaviors, interests, and brand affinities. By leveraging this data, we can accurately forecast which products, such as a fly rod, are most likely to appeal to other members. Subsequently, we take the initiative to advertise these targeted products on your behalf. This ensures that customers encounter items aligned with their specific interests, increasing the likelihood of making a purchase. At Ridgerunner, it's all about presenting customers with what captivates them the most - and encourages a purchase.

Network Effect and Community Driven Data.

Tap into more data. With over one million community data points we can help generate new customers based on their behavior and affinities. Take a look at the sample case study below for a better understanding on how Ridgerunner will help you deeply connect with your target demographic.

The 24/7 

Trade Show with


Harness the power of the network effect, expanding your product's visibility beyond the initial audience. Showcasing your products on our marketplace is like having a booth at a bustling trade show. Enjoy round-the-clock visibility, ensuring your offerings are constantly seen by potential customers. Let Ridgerunner work for you even while you sleep, maximizing your reach and opportunities 24/7.

Loyalty Rewards

Ridgerunner patrons earn reward points, dubbed Ridgerunner Racks, with every purchase. These points are versatile, applicable across the entire platform, regardless of the seller. Fostering customer loyalty by empowering customers to redeem their points for the latest gear. Capitalize on our expansive network and create newfound enthusiasts and help spread your brand. Rest assured, Ridgerunner fully backs these points. We seamlessly convert Ridgerunner Racks into cash, depositing it directly into your bank account. Whether customers choose to utilize their points or make conventional purchases, you receive your payment hassle-free.